Safety and Security

The Neighborhood Safety Patrol (NSP) is a partnership between the Syracuse Police Department (SPD) and Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The goal of the program is to obtain a heightened level of cooperation on crime prevention, personal safety and property protection. In support of this common goal, nine local landlords representing the Syracuse Property Owners Association (SPOA) partnered with the existing Neighborhood Safety Patrol in the spring of 2001 to fund a pilot program for enhanced police patrols around the University neighborhood to deter criminal activity and promote resident safety. Upon its inception, the patrol ran only on Friday and Saturday evenings, but with the addition of SPOA, it expanded to include four-hour patrols on Sunday through Thursday evenings, as well.

Statistics show that the NSP has been successful throughout the years in reducing crime in the area.

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Orange Watch

Orange Watch is a DPS program that provides an expanded DPS presence in key areas on North and South campuses and in the neighborhoods north and east of campus.

The program expands DPS peace officers’ hours of armed walking, bicycle and vehicle patrol coverage. It supplements DPS’ and other law enforcement agencies’ current activities in areas frequented by students, faculty and staff.

Orange Watch officers are on patrol throughout the year, with increased presence between the hours of 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. and on weekends — times when students have the most serious concerns about safety, according to DPS surveys.

Orange Watch places five additional peace officers and a supervisor on patrol in these areas at night on weekends. During the summer months and on weekdays during the academic year Orange Watch provides three additional peace officers. As a result, patrols in these areas during these times increases by nearly 40 percent on weekdays and more than 60 percent on weekends.

As they perform their duties, Orange Watch officers are highly visible; interact in community building, problem solving and crime prevention; and provide services to students, faculty, staff and residents in need of law enforcement assistance. Orange Watch officers promote the safety of students found walking alone or in small groups; use DPS’ radio network to report on any signs of criminal activity or other safety and security concerns; and assist Syracuse Police Department officers on request.

Citizens Online Reporting System

The Syracuse Police Department Citizens’ Online Police Reporting System allows you to submit a report for a non-emergency immediately and print a copy of the police report for free. In an Emergency please call 911.


Locating basic resources such as food, shelter, employment, or health care may mean calling dozens of phone numbers, then struggling through a maze of agencies and services to make the right connections. The 211 system helps residents find resources by dialing this simple three-digit number.

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