Government Relations

Our office advances the priorities of the University at all levels of federal, state and local government. We are the designated point of contact for government officials, and are responsible for coordinating an effective government relations program that ensures compliance with federal, state, and local lobbying laws.

Federal Relations

Our office follows key issues and the potential impact of federal legislation and regulation affecting the University.

State Relations

Decisions in Albany, our state capital, influence our University’s implementation of programs and services, including degree programs, financial aid, and more.

Local Relations

The University works with the city and county government, and key local partners, on local projects of significance.

Lobbying, Advocacy, and Policies

Our office is responsible for advancing the University’s interests at all levels of government.  What activities are considered lobbying? Be in the know before you contact a public or elected official.

Tracking key legislation? Interested in registering to vote? We have federal, state, and local resources to assist you.