Community Review Board

About the Community Review Board

The inaugural Community Review Board (CRB) was established following an independent review of Syracuse University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) conducted by former Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch. The CRB is independent from DPS and is not intended to replace DPS’s internal review and disciplinary procedures.

Community Review Board Charge

The CRB is responsible for reviewing appeals of civilian complaints regarding DPS officer conduct; reviewing and commenting on prospective new DPS policies, procedures and trainings; reviewing key community-facing functions of DPS; and issuing to the University community a public annual report of findings and recommendations.

Community Review Board Members

As recommended by former Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, the board is composed of 11 members: three undergraduate students, one graduate student, one law student, two faculty members, two staff members and two administrators. Current membership includes:

  • La’Kesa Allen, community standards coordinator, Office of Community Standards
  • Mary Grace Almandrez, vice president of diversity and inclusion, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Linda Baguma, undergraduate student, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jordan Beasley, undergraduate student, College of Arts and Sciences (co-chair)
  • Avva Boroujerdi, undergraduate student, Whitman School of Management
  • Rebecca Reed Kantrowitz, associate dean, Hendricks Chapel
  • Mary Kiernan, associate teaching professor, Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics (chair)
  • Lindsey Oliver, graduate student, College of Law
  • Maria Pettolina, professor of practice, Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute
  • William Simurra, graduate student, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs
  • Staff member to be announced

Support to the Community Review Board

File a Complaint With DPS’ Internal Affairs

A complaint can be made at any time by letter (email or snail mail), telephone, via the citizen complaint form or by visiting DPS in person.

  • To file a complaint by mail, send your letter to 005 Sims Hall, 130 College Place, Syracuse, NY 13210
  • To file a complaint by email, send your email to
  • To file a complaint by phone, call 315.443.2224.
  • To file a complaint via the citizen complaint form, visit the DPS website.
  • To file a complaint in person, visit 005 Sims Hall and ask to speak with the on-duty public safety supervisor.

Request a Review of Your Complaint

To initiate a review of a DPS officer, you must first file a formal complaint as described above. Once a complaint is filed, DPS will launch what is known as the Internal Affairs Investigation Process.

  • If either the citizen or the member of DPS are unsatisfied with the outcome of the Internal Affairs Investigation, they have 14 days to appeal the disposition by email to the CRB. To submit a request, complete the initial intake form. The Board will contact you if additional information is needed.
  • The CRB will then convene a confidential meeting to hear and deliberate on an appeal within 30 days of the date it receives the notice of appeal form.
  • After the appeal hearing has concluded, the CRB will submit a brief written analysis of each complaint and investigation and its recommendation to the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee for a final determination as to disposition within 14 days of the appeal hearing. The Board will simultaneously notify the parties of its recommendation.
  • The final decision will be made by the Chancellor or Chancellor designee within 15 days from receipt of the CRB’s recommendation.

To reiterate, the CRB will not review an initial complaint. A complaint must be filed via DPS’ internal review and disciplinary procedures. The CRB will only get involved if the citizen or DPS member file an appeal with the CRB (upon the conclusion of a DPS investigation outlining its findings).

Contact the Community Review Board

To connect with members of the CRB, email Your message will be promptly addressed.