State Relations

New York State government regulates or influences several aspects of higher education.  The NYS Education Department approves the University’s degree programs and sets guidelines for professional training and certification.  The Higher Education Services Corporation manages the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

Laws passed by the New York State Legislature regulate our day-to-day operations. Through state agencies and programs like Empire State DevelopmentNYSERDA, and NYSTAR, higher education is asked to play a leading role in economic development initiatives.

In view of these and other important relationships, the Office of Government and Community Relations works with faculty and administrative offices to maintain close relationships with state representatives and agencies in Albany to advance the University’s mission.

Specifically, our office

  • works with faculty to advocate for robust high-tech research and commercialization programs which support and build upon our faculty’s work;
  • engages students and educators to promote access to higher education and financial aid, including through the annual Student Aid Advocacy Day, which is held each February at the State Capitol;
  • partners with our peer institutions in New York State on common initiatives to advance research, teaching, and student access and success programs.

The New York State Legislature is in regular session from January to June each year, voting on new laws and budget appropriations.  Occasionally a special session will be called outside of that timeframe.  During the legislative session we work with our regional delegation on issues of importance to the University and to higher education.

Contact us by email or call our office at our office at 315-443-3919 with any questions or concerns related to New York State government or the legislative process.