Community Relations

Our office is a liaison with neighborhood, community, business, and nonprofit organizations on matters pertaining to campus-community relationships.  The office is an an engaged civic, cultural, and business partner dedicated to preserving the University’s long-term community relationships, advancing current priorities and exploring new initiatives. We value feedback and appreciate suggestions or ideas on ways we can continue to engage in and strengthen our partnerships with the community.  Contact us through this website or call us at 315-443-3919 (Government/Local Relations) or 315-443-5593 (Community Engagement) anytime with a concern or a suggestion.

Safety and Security

Syracuse University is committed to providing a safe environment for its students, staff, and faculty.  The Office of Community Relations is a resource for information on safety patrols and crime prevention.

Living Here

The University offers ownership incentive programs to staff and faculty who may wish to reside in the University neighborhood. Rental resources, too.  Convenient transportation options and The Hill retail and business community enhance the quality of life for residents

Be a Good Neighbor

Find helpful information on housing codes, trash removal, parking and more. Also, learn how to get involved in your community through diverse neighborhood organizations and associations.