Go Local

aerial view of campus

Go Local is Syracuse University’s commitment to leverage the economic power of the institution to improve economic inclusion through the four pillars of build, hire, buy and community.

Steering Group

J. Michael Haynie, Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
Andrew Gordon, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Candace Campbell Jackson, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff
Gwenn Judge, Interim Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer



Broaden participation of local, minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses in construction and service contracting.
Team Lead
Peter Sala, Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer


Expand our hiring of local residents with a focus on neighborhoods in need of job opportunities.
Team Lead
Karen Morrissey, Associate Vice President, Office of Human Resources


Increase economic growth and employment in Syracuse through our purchasing activities.
Team Lead
Jean Gallipeau, Comptroller


Aspire to lead in the sustained growth of business and employment in Syracuse using the University’s mutually supportive connections in the community that will result in a vibrant and strong community.
Team Lead
Cydney Johnson, Vice President, Community and Government Relations