Shadow Day

Shadow Day Volunteer Form

Shadow Day will mark its 21st anniversary at the University on Thursday, April 25, when about 90 fifth-grade students from the Syracuse City School District’s Seymour Dual Language Academy visit campus for the day. The event, formerly coordinated by University College, will be run under the auspices of Community Engagement for the second time this year.

“Shadow Day is a key event for the fifth grade at Seymour School,” says Bea González, vice president for community engagement. “It has become a tradition that the students look forward to as they reach grade 5. The SU students see Shadow Day as an opportunity to give back to their community and pay it forward. That is certainly true for me as an alum of Seymour.”

González says that after meeting with Thomas Rosaschi, the event’s coordinator at Seymour, they modeled a campus visit for the students. The day will start out with a welcome reception in Maxwell Auditorium, where the Seymour students will meet University students and get breakfast. Provost Michele Wheatley will welcome them, along with González. The Admissions Office will make a presentation, which will be followed by a group photo.

The next couple of hours will be spent touring campus or visiting academic classes. As time allows, the students will visit the following places:

  • Schine Student Center Bookstore
  • Bird Library and/or Carnegie Library
  • Hendricks Chapel
  • Crouse College
  • Hall of Languages

After lunch as the Schine Student Center, the students will be taken by bus to Manley Field House and the Carmelo Anthony Center. There, they will get a tour of the facilities and meet some of the student athletes.

González says that the day’s activities have changed a little bit over the years, but at its core it has always been about providing the Seymour students with the opportunity to see themselves as college students. “We introduce them to our own undergraduates, many with similar backgrounds, and remind them that they too can attend Syracuse or any other university, especially since the University has given the promise of tuition support via the Say Yes program,” she says.