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Registration is all about choice!

Should you vote in Syracuse or in your hometown?

Otto registers

Before you decide, review the New York State registration deadlines

You can choose where to register to vote:

  • You might consider registering here in Syracuse, New York, if you see yourself residing here long-term, or if you want to participate in Syracuse city, state, and congressional  elections.
  •  You can choose to register in your hometown or home state if you want to participate as an absentee voter in national and local/state politics.


  • You can’t be registered in two places at once. You either are registered in your hometown or in Syracuse/Onondaga County.
  • Just because you are registered in New York State doesn’t mean you are registered to vote in Syracuse/Onondaga County.

Not sure where/if you are registered? Check here.

Did you decide?

If you want to register and vote in Syracuse….print and complete this form.

If you want to register in another state, visit our Absentee Voter page.

Mail it to the address on the form or drop it off at the Office of Government and Community Relations, 2-212 Center for Science and Technology ( or x3919).