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Voting is a constitutional right and a civic responsibility. When you vote, you are raising your voice. You are also keeping our tradition of government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ alive for generations to come. Not registered? Not a problem. We’re here to make the registration process as easy as possible.

Upcoming Elections

Local elections happen in 2017.  Stay tuned!

New York State Deadlines

Don't miss an important deadline! For specific information, check at the Board of Elections.

Register to Vote!

Where should you vote? In your hometown or here in Syracuse? We have the information and links to streamline the process for you.

Absentee Voting

Voting in your hometown means you can participate in decisions at the local level.  Learn more about the steps to take to cast your vote back home from here in The Cuse.


A Syracuse University student movement launching fall 2016 to empower the campus community about the national and local policital process... and that every vote makes a difference!

News and Updates

Check back here for the Syracuse University #Because movement's news, photos and updates.

Voting Questions?

If you have questions about the process we can connect you to the experts who have answers!