Syracuse UniversityOffice of Government and Community Relations


#Because Manifesto 

We all have an opinion, when it comes to politics, a formed conglomeration of personal ideas and feelings, spaces, places and identities.

Your particular opinion, the one you’ve come to possess, is unique: completely new in whatever space you express it, because it grew from original combinations of circumstance and thought.

Your opinionated postings (or virtual silences) in whatever form they take- are valid and righteous.

A fact? Your opinions aren’t going anywhere, unless you take them to the polls.


#Because is Syracuse University’s student-led effort to educate and inform the Orange community about civic engagement and political participation. Students must be equipped and empowered with the understanding that their voice truly does make a difference for their community, city, and country.

The campaign will launch in Fall 2016 and will focus on educating students about national and local political processes. #Because is also making sure that Syracuse students are accommodated with all the resources needed to make voting as easy and accessible as possible.

Syracuse students have the ability to make an impact. #Because is here to provide them with the tools!